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Private Coaching by telephone – The I.D. Team, comprised of entertainment professionals offers their dynamic expertise to improve your overall English communication skills by telephone.



This type of support is geared for business professionals who need a targeted follow-up to a prior communication training or for those individuals who are too busy to participate in an organized collective communication training. This type of training is an alternative support for those individuals who are on a busy schedule but would like to follow a personalized program to improve their desired communication objectives. This type of training is a convienient solution, which concentrates on the specific challenges of each individual. (Public Speaking, Conference Calls, Management, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, etc.);

Private Coaching by telephone allows you to:


  • Communicate more dynamically in English;
  • Perfect the use of professional and daily vocabulary;
  • Enrich your communication by incorporating the nuances and English modes of      expression;
  • Organize, structure and clarify the presentation of your ideas;
  • Use your own personal expression and personality to illustrate your ideas effectively;
  • Enhance the impact of your discourse using appropriate “emotional tone”;
  • Affirm your expertise, your skills and your professional image;
  • Augment your power of persuasion and your efficiency.