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« Perfect Your Business Communication»

The InteractiveDynamics Method (“The I.D. Method”), conducted by American entertainment professionals, an actor and a director, enhances spontaneous communication and allows you to expand your capacities for professional exchange.


Specifically tailored for each individual in the group, this innovative program begins with an in depth personal telephone interview designed to assess the participant’s level and objectives. This information is then used to develop a comprehensive program “The I.D. Method” that incorporates the individual’s present business environment and their explicit goals. Drawing from a psychological learning model, “Behavior Modification Program,” this distinctive approach integrates a selected progression of exercises with the techniques of theatrical improvisation/role play, simulating each participant’s particular professional contexts.

This unique and dynamic approach not only enhances the understanding of Anglophone culture, but also encourages a radical improvement of one’s fluidity, confidence, and spontaneity when communicating in both personal and professional contexts. Any person who engages in cross-cultural communication and/or client relations will benefit from The I.D. Method.

“Perfect Your Business Communication” allows you to:


  • Facilitate spontaneous communication in English ;
  • Perfect the use of professional and daily vocabulary to improve the impact of one’s client relations;
  • Improve the confidence and efficiency when communicating of each participant with regard to their initial level;
  • Sensitize to the differences in meaning, intention and emotion expressed by modes of expression : tonality, word phrasing, word emphasis, volume, etc.;
  • Allow participants to evaluate these differences and respond appropriately in a spontaneous manner;
  • Encourage individual personal expression (jokes, sarcasm, slang, sincerity) to allow participants to communicate with ease;
  • Allow participants to utilize language with confidence and communicate naturally and efficiently to attain their professional and personal goals by participating in exercises designed to simulate real life situations with professional English speaking actors (Role Play);
  • Allow participants to develop and practice their Negotiation and Management skills under hightened levels of stress;
  • Help participants with Public Speaking/Presentations;
  • Sensitize participants to the cultural differences in the professional environment  : English/American/French