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Mr. AMOS has 20 years of experience in American and French companies in the domains of business development, web strategy and content development; corporate marketing, and identifying and communicating competitive advantage.  He also has 12 years of experience in interactive cross-cultural training and leadership performance coaching. He works in French and in English.

Amos has been using coaching in daily team management since 1996 when he joined an Paris-based, international financial software firm to manage a cross-cultural IT team responsible for strategy, content, update and delivery of the corporate website in four languages.

A registered architect, he has studied business development and marketing at the Masters level at the University of Washington and is certified by i-Lead Coaching Systems for Individual, team performance and transversal project coaching.  He also completed PNL and non-violent communication training in French through Dialogue Coach.

Coaching/Consultancy Experience

Jon Amos is a leadership coach and trainer. His primary interest is in transformational leadership. He helps organizations, teams, and individuals enhance their cross-cultural impact. An American, he has spent the past 18 years in France, lives in Paris and works throughout Western Europe and the United States.

Today, coaching and giving seminars is his principal activity. As a facilitator he has developed and offers workshops catering to the specific needs and objectives dictated by the international companies he works for. Seminars on Developing Creativity in the Workplace, Managing the Fear that Comes with Change, Identifying and Sustaining Competitive Advantage; and Creative and Destructive Resistance to Organizational Change are examples of this work.  

He works in two sectors: Individual and team performance coaching, and training.

He is an active participant in SCRHIBE, an organization whose objective is to bring knowledge and business acumen to Africa.

Coaching areas of particular interest include:

  • Discovering and developing creativity in each employee
  • Individual Leadership Coaching
  • Team Performance Coaching
  • Cross-cultural adjustment coaching
  • Internal and external; written and oral communication coaching
  • Managing the fear that comes with change in today’s business organizations
  • Managing Business Change et Evolution
  • Managing difficult and aggressive situations
  • Identifying and Sustaining Competitive Advantage