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In an age where global communication relies primarily on the use of English, it is often taken for granted that adults in the job force master the basics of this language. 
No matter how little experience one has had in the past, communicating in English has become essential for today’s business exchanges.

This seminar is designed for all non-native speakers who would either like to start to learn how to speak English, or who already have a basic level of English communication skills and would like to review the fundamentals of the English language and communication. The participants will learn the foundations of the language through study and application of elementary grammar, syntax and structure.


Seminar Objectives

This seminar aims to teach participants the fundamentals of English communication in order to enable them to start to communicate on a basic level and also to prepare them for the more advanced intensive English communication training session
« Perfect Your Business Communication»

Seminar Format

Participation in exercises and class discussions, in-group and individually, based on course documents.  70%
Writing and reading exercises to build reflexes and apply newly learned material.  30%

You will leave the seminar with a better understanding of:

  • English Grammar: the use of conjugations to describe time and attribute action
  • English Sentence structure and syntax.
  • Basic English expressions.

The training course consists of areas and approaches such as:

  • A structured presentation of sentences and verb conjugations.
  • Activities in self-analysis to help participants identify their errors in verbal expression.
  • Listening and repetition exercises to build reflexes and enlarge vocabulary.
  • Exercises developed to learn how to connect two or more sentences together to present basic ideas and opinions